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Timiskaming First Nation

In our Algonquin language we are called the Saugeen Anishabeg which means "People of the River mouth." This refers to the broad estuary formed by the Blanche and the Quinze Rivers on the northeast side of Lake Timiskaming. Our traditional territory includes land on both the Ontario and Quebec side of the lake head.                       


We are located at the head of beautiful Lake Timiskaming just adjacent to the municipality of Notre-Dame du Nord.


The TFN’s population and infrastructure are both growing at a steady pace. 


The reserve of Timiskaming was established under the Act of 1851. In 1854, the Timiskaming First Nation received an area of 110,000 acres near Lake Timiskaming. Some 40 lots of this territory were surrendered to companies and individuals, reducing the area of the reserve to a little more than 5,000 acres, many of these surrenders are now in dispute. 

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